Flydressers Guild Herts Branch Annual Outing 12/05/2007

Steak & Shrimp at the Flydressers Guild Herts Branch Annual Outing & BBQ
Branch members enjoying lunch before the afternoon session

The weather forecast was for showers, but on Saturday 12th May, members of the Branch met at Ravensthorpe for the annual outing & BBQ.

I had been busy at the vice tying flies that I knew had worked well in the past; PTN, Black PTN Variants, Damsels with a bit of sparkle. I was ready for action...

It wasn't the easiest fishing, blustery winds swept across the water and some found that the single anchor provided just wasn't holding the bottom. Double anchoring was the order of the day. I saw one boat drifting with a drogue, but they were still moving pretty quickly... The trout just weren't playing ball, patterns were changed and if you could anchor the boat comfortably, nymphing did prove to be successful. The norm did however seem to be takes that were lost after a few seconds - maybe it's the ultimate in catch 'n' release!

Lunchtime saw the BBQ lit and the menu was Steak & Shrimp followed by Strawberries & Cream - no need for soggy sandwiches this time. Wine flowed and everyone enjoyed a leisurely lunch and a few finished off with their traditional post-lunch snooze.

The trout were slow to show during the afternoon session, but by 8.30pm there was the begining of what could have been a good rise, with fish head 'n' tailing all around, however boats had to be off the water by 8.45 so the chance of some fish was short-lived.

I like Ravensthorpe, I fish it 5 or 6 times a year. It's in a beautiful part of Northamptonshire, and not too large that you cannot cover most of it over the course of a day. Even though I blanked, there is always next time. I'll be there again, with or without the Flydressers Guild.

Darrell Howard
Membership Secretary, Herts Branch Flydressers Guild