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a photo of a fly tying class held by the Herts Branch of the Flydressers Guildnovices (left & right) take instructionfly_tying_demonstration

Fly Tying Classes at the Flydressers Guild

The fly tying classes are held on the 3rd Monday of the month (2nd meeting of the month), the Herts Flydressers Guild has 3 distinct levels of instruction, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Fly Dressers. Each class is structured to the abilities of those attending. They are light-hearted affairs and everyone is able to contribute to the class.

Novice's Fly Tying Class

The Novice's Fly Tying Class is aimed at teaching those members that are new to fly tying the foundation techniques needed to tie basic fly patterns in a course that is in 7 parts. During the first class of the Novices Course, there is a discussion about tools and materials and the Whip Finish Tool is demonstrated.

The fly patterns that are tied during the classes include both lures and nymphs. As the classes continue, more intricate fly tying skills are introduced enabling different fly patterns to be attempted.

It must be noted that to get the best out of these classes, it is wise to practice tying the fly patterns / tying techniques at home. This will help reinforce those techniques learnt during the tying class and allow a smooth progression through the tying techniques needed to succeed in tying quality, well proportioned flies.

For those new to fly tying, in order to limit the inital financial outlay, the fly patterns tied during the classes can all be tied on a similar range of hooks and materials.

  • Other Tools that are useful to have:
  • Half-Hitch Tool
  • Whip Finish Tool

  • Materials For The Novice Class All the fly patterns can be tied with the following:
  • a photo of materials for the course

  • Hooks - Kamasan B160 #10, #12, B175 #10, #12, B830 #8, #10
  • These materials may change from time to time in order to vary the patterns and techniques tied. Please check with the Tutor.
  • Black Tying Thread 6/0
  • Brown Tying Thread 6/0
  • White Tying Thread 6/0
  • Copper Wire - Fine
  • Silver Wire - Medium
  • Silver Oval Tinsel - Medium
  • Silver Flat Tinsel - Thin
  • Peacock Herl - Natural Bronze or Eye Feather
  • Black Cock Cape
  • Black Hen Cape
  • Red Game or Brown Cock Cape
  • Black Marabou
  • White Marabou
  • Black Chenille
  • White Chenille
  • Lime Green Chenille
  • Golden Pheasant Tippets
  • Cock Pheasant Centre Tail Feather
  • Seal Fur* - Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange
  • Red Wool - Embroidery or Crewel Wool is best
  • Dubbing Wax
  • Lead Wire - Medium
  • Kamasan B160 #10
  • Kamasan B175 #10 and #12
  • Kamasan B830 #8, #10 and #12

  • *Substitutes can be used
a photo of a fly tying class held by the Herts Branch of the Flydressers Guild

Advice on tools, materials and fly tying techniques is always available from the Class Tutors, either on fly tying class evenings or via the telephone. We are always ready to help and advise. If in doubt please take advantage of our experience, and buy correctly. The basic tools listed are enough to get you started. Should you be unable to bring tools or materials to a class, there are usually some loan tools and enough materials to go around.

The Novice's Fly Tying Class Fly Patterns

The Novices Fly Tying Class follows a programme that takes the novices through the necessary skills and techniques in order to tie a range of simple flies that catch fish. The programme is structured in 7 parts so that each techniques builds upon the last allowing the novice to be able to tie a variety of patterns with each technique learnt.

  • Buzzer
  • Black and Peacock Spider
  • Pitsford Pea
  • Montanna Nymph
  • Black Pennell
  • Sawyers PTN
  • Zulu

Intermediate Fly Tying Classes

The Intermediate Fly Tying Classes are aimed at those members that are experienced enough to tie a range of fly patterns and want to move to more advanced fly patterns and techniques such as split wings, married wings, weaving etc. Advanced classes are informal and the evening's tying is often chosen by those who attend.

Advanced Fly Tying Classes

The Advanced Fly Tying Classes are aimed at those members who are experienced in tying many patterns.

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